Meshworks LLP is a design partnership between Rafaela Taylor and Joshua Taylor. We set up together in 2016 after returning back to the UK after our Architectural education in Umeå, Nothern Sweden. 

We first met at Sheffield School of Architecture’s undergraduate programme, which we attended because of its reputation for sustainability research, questioning, criticality. While enjoyable and challenging,by our final year we had become disillusioned with the attitude prevalent  in the UK which valued ‘the seductive image’ over the societal and place-making possibilities of architecture. For our MArch we travelled to Umeå in northern Sweden, to study under Alberto Altés at the Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention. Considering architecture as a political and social process rather than just a stage in building construction, we gained knowledge of alternative practices in a very intense two years in a close-knit group, building and testing ideas in between academic work.

We think good architecture plays a crucial part in creating a healthy, happy society. When we design we consider the wider implications of our decisions as well as striving to meet (and hopefully exceed) the personal wishes of our clients.


We have a thoughtful approach to sustainabiltiy that we believe is dependent on the low-tech, the local and craft skill. We think buildings should be of their place and time; full of contrasts and delight; redolent of locality and their inhabitants.


We call this the New Vernacular.


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