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 "The process was a joy; they guided us through the stress of planning permission for a listed building, and worked so hard to design a living space that we loved."

Claire Rampen


our Starter Package
A low-commitment,
low-cost way to get your project rolling!

So, you've come to Meshworks for some design advice? Perhaps you have a dilemma and can’t see the way forward - you don’t feel comfortable in your kitchen, or find your house is not working for you. We will try and understand the situation you are in, and then work to help you fulfil your needs within your budget.


This is a design package that explores the situation as it stands before delving into detailed proposals. This will reduce uncertainty about costs and provide a clear framework for progression, whether with us or another design professional.

After a free initial meeting to listen to you and gauge the scope and possibilities of the project, we will produce a package for you that will help get your project off the ground. 


Your Meshworks starter Package will be: 



A written document with sketches that explain our understanding of the project based on our consultation with you, with the areas covered indicated below. This is an individual and personal document, so will be vital to help us tease out threads that can be spun into possibilities for the next stage. This also includes a follow up e-mail exchange or telephone call, to ensure you are happy with our interpretations.

Example Starter Pack pic.jpg

The package will include:


  • Identification of your needs.

    A collaborative assessment of what has caused you to consider engaging us. 

  • Project scope and budget

    What are the most important factors that need to be taken into account? This is helpful to avoid ‘mission creep’ subsequently.

  • Appraisal of costs

    Some costs are unavoidable, and can give a useful baseline for considering where to spend the budget. Surveys, engineering and building control fees will feature here.

  • Routes forward

    At this stage we can gauge whether you need an architectural proposal, or if we should recommend you speak to someone with more expertise in a particular area. It could be that you are so close to the problem that you have become convinced that a certain way forward is the only possibility. We will endeavour to show three ways that you could approach the problems you have discussed with us, one or a combination of which can be pursued in the next stage. 



Get in touch with us to arrange




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