Garden Retreat, Devon

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Meshworks were involved in the early stages of this conversion from a 'Tack Room' in our client's garden to a little self-contained holiday home.  

The project involved altering and extending the building which the client had planned to do by adding a off-the-shelf conservatory.


We were concerned that a conservatory would feel too exposed (one side would be right by the road) and would either feel uncomfortably hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.


We persuaded the client to create a more intimate living room with special and thoughtfully positioned windows. Visitors now enjoy morning sun through the glassy doors that over look the gloriously lush garden - framed by a characterful flowering apple tree. A small 'picture' window that frames the view of the sea and a high, horizontal window that captures the evening light and views of the westerly rolling hills. 


We suggested our client add a little porch that provides a place to store coats, take off boots as well as creating a more sheltered and private patio for guests behind.

We've included a photograph of the wonderful roof tile designed and constructed by our client. 


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