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Umeå, Sweden. 

This project was done with our friends in the LIAI. 


Glöggt er gests augað
“Clear is the eye of the guest”
Icelandic proverb.

What is the Fab Lab?
The Fab Lab has its roots in the concept of a “Critical Fiction” and takes its name from the Latin “fabula”: a discourse, story or narrative, which has come into English as ‘fable’ or ‘fabulous’ (worthy of a story). In a critical

fiction, a story is used to understand problems by discussing them from another’s point of view. Using it as a meeting concept, by taking on the rôle of someone distant from their normal persona those taking part in the meeting can escape their daily concerns and approach the discussion in a new light. Playing a part is central to the Fab Lab’s success, and this is achieved by supplying costumes, dressing rooms and a stage that are part of a participant’s journey. After deciding which dressing-room door to take, each person finds themselves in a high, narrow room, lit with a soft, otherworldly light and draped in clothes
and props. They decide on their character, perhaps reading the room’s handbook which is placed prominently on a shelf, and finally make their way through a curtainand mount the stage.

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