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Heading 1 - Blog Titles

Heading 2 - Project Titles

Heading 3 - place and name

Heading 4 - Status/date

Paragraph 1 - main text

1. You've come to Meshworks for some advice, please tell us:

. A bit about your situation

What's the situation now and what would you ideally have or be able to do that you don't have or can't do now? Do you have needs that are not currently being met? It may also be helpful to think about your feelings (e.g. “I want to be able to feel..... at the end of my project”. 

2. What you are hoping we can help you with? 
We understand that you may not really know what we 'do' but for now it’s useful for us to know why you came to us in the first place.

2. If you have a project in mind, it would be helpful to know:

1.  What is your budget?
This can be a rough figure. How much do you feel comfortable allocating to this project? How do you see it getting broken down?

2. What is your ideal time-scale?
When would you ideally have the project 'completed'? Is there a particular time you'd like to start building? When are you likely to have time to dedicate to the project? 

3. Your priorities
Its difficult to have a project that's high quality, cheap and fast to deliver. If we forced you to order these, what two would come first? Do you have any other priorities, (e.g. To do with the use of natural or sustainable materials,  small/ local manufacturers, ease of construction so that things can be easily built or adapted by you?) 

4. You
Are there any particular skills/knowledge/values you'd be bringing to the project that it’s useful for us to know about? Is there anything else we should know about your situation in relation to the project?

5. Inspiration
Do you have any projects that inspire you? Do you have any images saved that you'd like to share with us - e.g. a Pinterest folder? 

6. Is there any other information you think it would be useful for us to know about?

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